AFSCME supports a proposal in Congress to ease the financial burden on child care professionals who provide meals and snacks.

There have been several individuals asking about the jackets we sent order forms out for last spring, please rest assured we have NOT forgotten about them!!  We have been in contact with the supplier,  who is apparently dealing with the dreaded "supply chain issues" that all of us have experienced at one time or another over the last several years.  After conversation with the supplier, we are hoping, and feel pretty confident, that jackets should be arriving to those who ordered them by the end of October just in time for cold weather.

Thank you for your patience!!!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Biden administration halted all federal student loan repayments. After the national COVID-19 emergency ended in March 2023, Congress passed a law preventing further extensions. As a result, payments resumed in October.

For people whose student loan repayments have started up again, there’s good news.

TOLEDO, Ohio – AFSCME President Lee Saunders and dozens of AFSCME members stood strong alongside striking UAW members at the Stellantis Jeep and Chrysler assembly plant here Monday in a powerful demonstration of solidarity with the autoworkers. UAW members are 

“This is going to be a game-changer for my household and millions of other retirees like me,” AFSCME Illinois Retiree Craig Missel said in the fall of 2022, as he and other AFSCME members shared stories of progress since President Joe Biden took office in 2020.

Amid tragedy, the ‘true soul of Hawaii’ shines bright

Cameron Dexter with U.S. President Biden. Member provided photo.