Minutes of Local 3157

Tuesday 11-21-17 630pm meeting called to order
Roll call of officers
President Jim Baker here
Vice president Jennifer Murphy here
Treasure Joey Baker here
Acting secretary Josh Morrow here
Trustees Paul Booterbaugh Kane Robertson Josh Morrow here
Also in attendance Brittany Norris
Kristin Horn Cody Dallara
Last meeting minutes read
Booterbaugh Made motion to accept the minutes with amendments (date on minutes for next meeting change from Tuesday November 20 to Tuesday November 21)
Dallara 2nd
Motion carried

Treasurers report read
11-4-2017 last update
11-22-17 treasure meet with Ritchey Ritchey and Koontz (cpa)to update treasures report
Booterbaugh made a motion to accept the treasure support as read
Dallara 2nd
motion carried

Murphy read Bedford county jail chapter minutes A motion was made to buy all full dues paying members at Bedford jail spending up to $1400

Correspondence read
Jim Baker made a motion to donate $100 to Mona Weimer local 2772
Booterbaugh 2nd
Motion carried

Upcoming conventions and conferences dates were read
April 27-29 council 13 convention at Hershey Lodge
July 16-20th international convention Boston Massachusetts
September 7-9 non-State educational conference Erie PA

Old business
Oglebay convention discuss between attending members

The homemade Afscme corn hole boards personally owned by Morrow was successful in bringing Camraderie between Afscme union members

2018 Will be the 100th anniversary of labor movement in PA We Trying to get a song written and Gk dance group to perform in parade and perform to song written

New business
Next wave donated (11) .50 caliber bullet bottle opener for appreciation and thanks for services rendered to veterans

Booterbaugh made a motion to allocate(set aside)$2000 in 3157 account for next wave projects money will stay in 3157 account until needed
Murphy 2nd
Motion carried

Murphy made a motion to refund Kane Robertson $291.48 out of next wave fund
Horn 2nd
Motion carried

Motion made by Robertson to donate $800 out of 3157 account as a whole (no chapter money used) for Tina Reigel for medical and expenses
Morrow 2nd
Motion carried

Booterbaugh made a motion to donate $200 to Duville Thomas to make an Afscme song for 3157 with provisions that after completion additional donation possible made
Brittany Norris 2nd
motion carried

Booterbaugh made motion before being eligible to go to any conferences (going through local 3157 ) you have to attended at least 3 meetings of local 3157 unless unforeseen circumstances are submitted and approved by the local 3157 E-board
Joey Baker 2nd
Motion carried

Dallara made motion to pay any pending bills
Norris 2nd
Motion carried

Next meeting Tuesday January 16 2018 at 6pm

Joey Baker made motion to adjourn at 830 pm
Booterbaugh 2nd
Motion carried